Brunette Mom Goes Platinum Blonde To Show The Consequences Of Ignoring Bleaching Instructions

by June Rivers
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Apryl is a wife, mom, and online hair guru who’s had every style, from long pink locks to a totally shaved head.

In the video below, Apryl is gearing up to transform her dark brunette locks to bright platinum blonde. The at-home transformation requires bleach, but the process can be daunting and risky.

Many people try to bleach their hair at home, only to be left in tears. Some people even end up losing some or all of their hair!

Since Apryl was going to cut her hair super-short anyway, she decided to create a hair tutorial demonstrating what can happen to hair if bleaching guidelines are not followed. (She knew her hair was going to fall out, and she wanted it to.)

First, she spent months educating herself on the ins and outs of bleaching. This way, she knew exactly what would happen from the moment she placed the strong chemical products on her hair.

“The reason I made this video was to bring awareness to those that don’t read the instructions, or do not study how to use the chemicals going onto their heads,” Apryl told LittleThings. “Many people hear about hair falling out, or see the result of what happened ‘AFTER’ it has happened. I wanted people to know exactly what it looks like, and how it affects your hair in real time.”

By the end of the video, you’ll see why it’s so important to follow bleaching guidelines. It’s a good thing she knew what she was getting into, because I’ve never seen hair fall out so fast!

Video Credit: Perfectly Sonder / YouTube

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