Dad’s Wife Dies During Childbirth. Months Later, He Discovers A Lullaby She Secretly Recorded

by Nicole Cannizzaro
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When a couple is getting ready to start a family and have their first child, it’s an exciting, nerve-racking, and overwhelming time.

You’re about to become parents and have another life in your hands — another life that will live and grow solely depending on how you decide to take care of him or her.

I can imagine the millions of thoughts rushing through the mind of a mom- or dad-to-be at any given second.

It’s a huge responsibility to be a parent, which is a large lifestyle change for anyone. But if you’re lucky, having your partner by your side will make you feel at ease in moments of disbelief.

Having a partner helps you get through everything, and although Jared Buhanan-Decker was lucky enough to make a beautiful baby with his stunning and talented wife, Sharry, he was given a heartbreakingly bittersweet moment at the time of his son’s birth.


This photo, taken in 2006, shows Jared and Sharry together before the baby news.

They shared their dreams, passions, and life together. They were expecting the day they had a baby to be the best day of their lives, but it turned out being the worst day of Jared’s.

Within the almost 10 years that they were married, they only spent 6 days apart. So, they never imagined they’d be separated so devastatingly soon.

This photo he found proves the love they shared was so real, and is now his Facebook photo, along with a touching caption.

Found this beautiful picture on Sharry’s computer from almost a year ago titled ‘loveofmylife.'”

Although this isn’t a wedding photo, it still illuminates love and their relationship, and Sharry seemed to have thought so too.


The baby news announcement in January told the world they’d be starting a new, exciting chapter of their life. By June, they’d have a little boy.

But now, Jared is a single parent because the complications during childbirth were too extensive.

Sharry passed away during the birth of their baby boy, James.

But Jared is determined to have his son know and remember Sharry. He, too, just wanted to hear her voice again, so he set out to find more videos of her singing.

Posting on the internet about his experience, and hoping that someone would have an answer, his dreams came true.

People from all over, even producers, reached out saying they’d help him find and create more music of Sharry’s.

James is now around 4 months old, and with the videos found on the internet, his mom sings him to sleep every single night.

Jared is so grateful for all of the kindness that has come from his request about his late wife and, as he grieves, he gets to hear her beautiful voice and teach their son to live, just as his mommy did.

His blog posts and updates about his personal journey are heartbreaking, but it’s so wonderful to read that he has found a way to cope with the great loss he’s suffered.

“She was passionate and emotional for good and for bad, and I miss her more than I could ever imagine,” he told People.


His next endeavor? To check everything off of Sharry’s bucket list that he found in her notebook with his son, JJ.

The journals she kept, videos she recorded, and artwork she created will let Jared live through life with her in spirit forever.

Thanks to the video below, Jared will never have to go a day without the presence of the love of his life’s voice.

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Video Credit : Jared Sharry Buhanan-Decker

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